About us

MoodleBox is a volunteer and non-profit project lead by Nicolas Martignoni on his spare time.

Nicolas Martignoni is a mathematics and computer science teacher and e-learning specialist. He has been the coordinator of the French-speaking community of Moodle users since 2003. He is also the main translator of Moodle into French. He is or has been involved in the French translation of various open source software, including Stellarium, Mahara, Webtrees, ModX and Raspberry Pi Imager. He is a regular speaker at national and international conferences in French, English and German.

He’s the main developer and the maintainer of MoodleBox project.



The translation of the MoodleBox documentation and website into German was mainly done by Ralf Krause. Ralf is the maintainer of the German Moodle language packages (de, de_du, de_kids) and is very active in the German and international Moodle community. Visvanath Ratnaweera also took part.

The translation of the MoodleBox documentation and website into Spanish was done by Steve Miley. Steve has been community administrator of Moodle Users Association. Eric Efrain Solano-Uscanga also took part.

Other contributors include:

MoodleBox is sponsored by E-learning Touch’.

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All MoodleBox software, including the MoodleBox disk image and the information of the web site are provided “as is”. The author has made every effort to ensure the proper functioning of the MoodleBox and the accuracy of the information given. However, he declines all responsibility for any direct or indirect damage that would harm the users during use of the MoodleBox. In particular, it can not be held responsible for deterioration of material or loss of data.

The author does not commit himself to any correction of the disk image or of this website and documentation.