Use the MoodleBox's Wi-Fi captive portal


This feature is available from version 2.7.0 of MoodleBox.

The MoodleBox contains a fully configured captive portal, based on free software Nodogsplash, to direct users connecting to its wireless network to the MoodleBox home page.

The captive portal is not enabled by default. If you want to make it active, simply run the command below after accessing to the MoodleBox command line interface.

sudo systemctl start nodogsplash

To stop the captive portal, the following command must be used.

sudo systemctl stop nodogsplash

When the MoodleBox is started again, the active or inactive state of the captive portal remains the one that was last selected.


The captive portal only works if the MoodleBox is connected to the Internet. Otherwise, users connecting to the Wi-Fi network of the MoodleBox will not be intercepted by the captive portal.