Change MoodleBox main password


It is strongly recommended to immediately change the main password of the MoodleBox, in order to prevent unauthorized persons from making unwanted changes and rendering it unusable.

To change the main password of your MoodleBox, visit the dashboard in the administration interface: Site Administration > Server > MoodleBox.

This password is part of the main credentials of your MoodleBox. It gives access to the command line interface of the MoodleBox, to the SFTP file upload as well as to the database administration.

Change the main password

In the MoodleBox password section, enter your new password, the same in both fields. By clicking on the eye icon, you can display the characters you have typed. We recommend choosing a strong password.


The password for the Moodle administrator account is not changed by this operation. To change that password, log in to Moodle, visit the preferences for your profile and change the password.