Access MoodleBox command line interface

As a normal user, you should not need to connect into the command line interface of the MoodleBox. Anyway, you may access it if necessary via SSH, using the address moodlebox.home, using its default credentials:

  • username: moodlebox
  • password: Moodlebox4$

With PuTTY (under Windows)

Open a new connection, type the address moodlebox.home under Host Name, then click Open. Input the password Moodlebox4$.

Connection with PuTTY

In a classical terminal interface

In your favorite terminal interface, type

ssh moodlebox@moodlebox.home

then type the password Moodlebox4$.

The hostname of the MoodleBox is moodlebox. Its fully qualified domain name (FQDN) is moodlebox.home.