How to install the MoodleBox

This is the procedure to install the MoodleBox for its first utilisation.

Step 1: Buy the hardware

The stuff you will need to build your MoodleBox is essentially a Raspberry Pi Model 3B or 3B+ with a power supply and a MicroSD card. More information here.

Step 2: Download the MoodleBox disk image

The MoodleBox disk image is available here.

Step 3: Copy the disk image on your MicroSD card

For this operation, use preferably Etcher. More information here.

Step 4: Startup your MoodleBox

Insert your microSD card into the Raspberry Pi 3 slot, power it up and connect it to the network via an Ethernet cable. The red LED lights up, and after a few seconds the green LED lights up intermittently.

There is no other manipulation to do: after the boot, your MoodleBox is ready and totally functional.

Next steps

For more information, browse the knowledge base.