How to install the MoodleBox

This is the procedure to install the MoodleBox for its first utilisation.

Step 1: Buy the hardware

The stuff you will need to build your MoodleBox is essentially a Raspberry Pi Model 3A, 3B, 3B+ or 4B with a power supply and a microSD card. More information here.


Selecting a good quality microSD card and an adequate power supply are essential for the proper operation of the MoodleBox.

We recommend the official Raspberry Foundation power supply and a microSD card with tested performance, for example those recommended by Wirecutter. The use of other power supplies, as well as microSD cards from dubious sources, can cause systematic malfunctions, for which no support can be provided.

Step 2: Download the MoodleBox disk image

The MoodleBox disk image is available here.

Step 3: Copy the disk image on your microSD card

For this operation, use preferably balenaEtcher. More information here.

Step 4: Startup your MoodleBox

Insert your microSD card into the Raspberry Pi slot and power it up. The red LED lights up, and after a few seconds the green LED lights up intermittently. If desired, connect the MoodleBox to the network or to an Internet router with an Ethernet cable to allow connected devices to access the Internet.

There is no other manipulation to do: after the boot, your MoodleBox is ready and totally functional.

Next steps

For more information, browse the knowledge base.