Moodle default configuration

The Moodle environment on the MoodleBox is completely standard.

Following settings were configured to facilitate Moodlebox’ use or to enhance its performance.

Configured Moodle settings

Mobile App
The mobile service for the official Moodle Mobile app is enabled. The Moodle Mobile app can be download at
File upload size
The maximal file upload size is set to 50MB (via the PHP settings post_max_size and upload_max_filesize).
The cron is configured to be run every minute. Some scheduled tasks need an Internet access. It’s recommended to connect the MoodleBox to the Internet with an Ethernet cable.
Multi-language filter
The Multi-Language Content filter is enabled.
The cache of Moodle is configured to optimize the reactivity of the MoodleBox.
MoodleBox Plugin
The MoodleBox Administration plugin for Moodle is installed. This plugin enables a Moodle administrator to restart and shutdown, to set the date, to change some other settings and to monitor the hardware of the MoodleBox using a GUI.
MathJax library
The MathJax library is installed locally, enabling the MathJax filter to work correctly even when the MoodleBox is not connected to Internet.
System paths
System paths to php, du, ghostscript and python executables are appropriately set.
Debug message display is disabled.