What are the MoodleBox credentials

This page lists all the credentials (usernames and passwords) used in the MoodleBox. Of course the credentials are different if you have changed something.

Wi-Fi access

This password should be used to connect to the Wi-Fi network of the MoodleBox. The network name (SSID) is MoodleBox.

  • Password: moodlebox

Moodle access

These credentials should be used to log into the Moodle default administrator account.

  • Username: moodlebox
  • Password: Moodlebox4$

Command line access (Unix account, SSH, SFTP)

These credentials should be used for the Unix account. Use these credentials to access the MoodleBox via SSH or  via SFTP.

  • Username: moodlebox
  • Password: Moodlebox4$

Access to the database

These credentials should be used to  access to the database management interface.

  • Username: moodlebox
  • Password: Moodlebox4$