Root certificate installation on macOS

To connect to the MoodleBox via HTTPS without displaying a warning window, it is necessary to install the MoodleBox root certificate (or CA certificate). This certificate, issued by the MoodleBox project as a certification authority, allows the browser to ensure that the certificate on the MoodleBox website is valid.

Root certificate installation on macOS (Safari et Chrome)

  1. Download the CA certificate from the MoodleBox homepage by clicking link Install root CA certificate. The file moodleboxCA.crt is saved in Downloads folder of your computer.

    Download CA certificate

  2. Open folder Downloads and double-click on file moodleboxCA.crt to save it in Keychain Access, either in the session keychain or in the System keychain. To make the certificate available to all computer users, choose the System keychain.
  3. In Keychain Access, select the keychain where you saved the certificate, then double-click certificate MoodleBox Root CA.
  4. Expand section Trust.
  5. Set option When using this certificate to Always trust.

    CA certificate trust setting

  6. Close the window and type your password.

Screencast of root certificate installation on macOS

Root certificate installation on Firefox (macOS)

  1. Launch Firefox, access MoodleBox home page and click link Install root CA certificate.
  2. In the window that is now displayed, check the box Trust this CA to identify websites and click OK.

    CA certificate configuration for Firefox