Support the MoodleBox project

The project MoodleBox tries to meet the needs of users without requiring any financial compensation. However, the development and maintenance of the MoodleBox, the building of the disk image, the writing of the documentation and its hosting on a web site are not free.

A contribution allows to participate in the costs for the hosting of the website. It boosts and increases the motivation to continue the work on the project MoodleBox.

As of july 9, 2018, the project MoodleBox collected 426€ in donations. This amount enabled the payment of some hardware and the subscription fees for the domain names:,,,, and, as well as the web hosting subscription for just over one year.

Make a donation to support MoodleBox

Support MoodleBox another way

You’re broke or don’t want to contribute financially? Doesn’t matter, don’t leave 😉. You can support MoodleBox in other ways, for example

  • Share your pedagogical experience or your use case with us,
  • Translate the documentation in other languages,
  • Improve the design of this website,
  • Propose improvements,
  • Develop improvements,
  • Any other help.