Release of MoodleBox 2.5.0

MoodleBox 2.5.0 provides mainly improvements to the MoodleBox dashboard, including a much better contextual help.

August 16, 2018

Version 2.5.0 of the MoodleBox disk image is released today. This release features Moodle 3.5.1+ and offers an improved version of the dashboard, with much better contextual help.

  • Thanks to a new version of the MoodleBox plugin for Moodle, the section for resizing the SD card partition is only displayed if this operation is necessary.
  • The country of regulation of the Wi-Fi network provided by the MoodleBox can now be set using the graphical user interface.
  • The MathJax library has been updated to version 2.7.5.

See the release notes on Github for more info about all changes to this version.