MoodleBox 3.10.0 fixes the low number of Wi-Fi clients

Version 3.10.0 of MoodleBox increases the number of devices connected simultaneously via Wi-Fi to approximately 30 devices.

March 20, 2021


Version 3.10.0 of the MoodleBox disk image was just released.

> Download disk image

  • This release fixes the low number of Wi-Fi connected devices; it is now possible for about 30 devices to connect simultaneously.
  • It provides Moodle version 3.10.2+.
  • It’s based on the last version of Raspberry Pi OS Lite, published on January 11, 2021.
  • A new version of the MoodleBox Plugin for Moodle, supporting the new Raspberry Pi 400 is included.
  • Other fixes are also included.

See the release notes on Github for all info about this release.